Security is the main component for any house or business. As the time is passing, security has become a huge challenge for all of us. In order to decrease the human effort, security cameras are the greatest invention there. Not only it helps recording the every second, but it also helps in decreasing the corruption, traffic control, and keeping check and balance that who is going in or out, etc.

We are a one stop IT Solution Providers, specializing in Security Camera Systems, Local and Wide area Network Solutions for small to intermediate size businesses and the home users too.

We are a professional Computer Services company with several years of expertise under our belt. Our solutions are verified, time tested and also reliable. We believe that an educated client is the best client.
Before you make a choice about your next IT purchase, please call us to get a different level of service.

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Some of the services and products we provide are:


  • We provide a complete Security Camera Solution for home or business clients.

  • Our systems support 4, 8 or 16 indoor/outdoor cameras with an ability to view live video feed remotely on the Internet. Live security system sample is available on request.

  • Long range Point to Point Wireless Data Link Setups are also offered. These data links can be used, to provide high speed voice and data links between different factories and head office.

One last thing please. We values your business and feedback. If you have positive/negative feedback to give about your installation, we would appreciate your input about our Installers or may be someone that you found on your own


Still have questions? Read our F.A.Q’s or Give us a call! 713-364-6572